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Wagyu 201 Dinner

Welcome to our Japanese Wagy 201 Dinner. Where we will take you on a tour of Japan's regions of Wagyu Beef Straight from the source.

The Dinner will include seven courses, wine pairings to every course, and a full-service experience for the most discerning palate.

With the dinner made By Chef Daniel Bellinger and helped by master butch Ryan Lawson of the historic Pape's butcher shop (Milbrae's oldest business), this will be an event that would be sorely missed.

Wagyu is a legendary type of beef coming from Japan, categorized by the four major islands. Stylized by its supreme tenderness and exceptional marbling, it is a product that is prized by the highest chefs in the world today. From conception to the plate, it is watched and cared for by highly trained professionals that couple the best traditional standards in raising the beef with most modern practices to give the absolutely best beef in the world.

Seating is limited to only 40 seats for this exquisite event. Please reserve your seats now before your chance is lost forever.