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Bourbon 101 - Bottled in Bond -

Welcome to our Bourbon 101 tasting- Bottled in Bond-; where we will showcase our list of American bourbons that are bottled in bond.

Our tasting list will include six, Uniquely American Whiskeys for roughly $10 per full ounce pour, this also includes a starting tasting menu and guided tasting by proprietor and learned whiskey enthusiast Quinton Jay.

The Tasting Menu will include prized whiskeys including the 10-year Henry McKenna, Old Fitzgerald 9 year aged, 1792 Bourbon, Dad's Hat Pennsylvania Rye, Wilderness Trail Bourbon, and our Evan Williams Kentucky Bourbon of Heaven Hill.

Bottled in Bond is a prized American designation that states that the distillery is: made in America, made at the same bonded distillery, aged at least 4 years, state the location of bottling, the distillery, and bottled at 100 proof strength amongst other requirements. Very few of the whiskeys you taste in this day will be Bottled in bond and is a statement of its authenticity and quality as backed by the Bottled in Bond Act of 1897. This pre-prohibition standard is still the standard by which many of the highest quality distilleries in the United States hold themselves to ensure the highest quality products are the ones that are produced for the discerning consumer.

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